Infamous KALE chips! Nom Nom NOM!

Kale Chips!!!!

Possibly thee most
snack ever...
plus I forgot to mention
super easy to whip up a batch
and have you nom nom nom-ing
in 20 min or less

I must thank Jason J for introducing me these

1/2 bunch of fresh ORGANIC** kale
olive oil
fresh lemon juice
parmesan cheese(optional)

if you have epicure seasonings
I love the taco seasoning with lime and olive oil!

**I say organic because Kale is one of the dirty dozen.. meaning its heavily sprayed**

How to:
preheat oven to 350
on a foil lined baking sheet
pull the leaves off of the stems
(wash and dry throughly, if not dry, no crispy chips for you!)
and place on the sheet pan
add approx 1 tbsp olive oil (drizzle over the leaves)
juice of half a lemon (ish, depends how big your lemon is/how much kale you are making!)
sprinkle with seasonings
then toss with your hands, make sure the kale is evenly coated
space out the leaves so they have room to crisp

bake for 12-15 min total
watch after 10 min, once little brown on edges
they are done!
Don't feel guilty, PIG OUT!!
These are loaded with:
Beta Carotene
Vitamins K and C
and Calcium


Healthy "chicken wings"

I was out earlier this week with a friend
and they mentioned chicken wings...
damn! since being back on poultry I have not had any

Mmmm... I remember wing nights.
Pint of Guinness and an order of Medium wings, please.
Looking back, makes sense why I felt like ass after
Gluten intolerants worst nightmare!

So it got me thinking,
especially with this MILD weather...
BBQ chicken... that tastes like wings!

What is wing sauce anyways?
Franks red and butter.
Now thats not good for anyones diet
Franks and coconut oil?

Turned out amazing
served it with chunks of sweet potatoes done on the bbq
with onions (top rack, bbq aluminum tray, 45 min ish)
and sauted spinach and kale with evoo and epicures chili lime sansel

1 tray of organic chicken fillets or 2 chicken breasts
skinless and boneless, cut into 1 1/4 inch strips
1 bottle of italian salad dressing
franks red hot
coconut oil
coconut aminos (like soy sauce, but WAY BETTER FOR YOU!)

How to:
Place the chicken in a tupperware container
cover with italian dressing
place in fridge, marinate for at least half hour but no longer then 2 hours

in a double broiler on low
add approx 1.5 tbsp of coconut oil
and 1/4 cup of franks red hot sauce
stir until coconut oil is melted and incorporated
add 1 tbsp coconut aminos
too hot? not hot enough?
add more Franks to taste
too hot? try adding a squeeze of fresh lemon
or a 1/2 tsp of coconut oil to dilute it

BBQ on med heat (350)
quick spray with Pam
place chicken on, allowing excess dressing to drip back into tupperware
cover lid
leave for 2-3 minutes
lift cover, turn tenders
and immediately brush with franks sauce
cover and allow to cook thru
adding sauce to each side when you flip
depending on the thickness of chicken
this could take up to 10 min

place on a tray and cover with aluminum foil
allow to rest for 5 min


All about timing...

Here is a super easy dinner I made myself tonight!
(it will make a nice meal plus a plate of leftovers)

This is all about the timing, but if you plan ahead
to put the sweet potatoes in, youre golden!

If you put the chicken in after the sweet potatoes are done
and then prep the tomatoes, put the tomatoes in at 16 min until the
chicken is done and everything will be timed perfect!
(the sweet potatoes will stay warm in the foil :))

part 1
hobo sweet potatoes

1 or 2 medium to large sweet potatoes
1 shallot
olive oil

how to:
slice both ends off the sweet potatoes and peel the skin off
slice halfway down, but not all the way through to allow for quick cook time
dice shallot, stuff in between cut marks in potato
drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper
fold up and bake in oven 450 for 1 1/2 to 2 hours until soft

part 2
marinated dijon garlic chicken

2 free run organic chicken breasts
2 tbsp stone ground mustard
1 tbsp tamari sauce (aka soy sauce)
juice of half a lime
2 garlic cloves, pressed

how to:
mix mustard, tamari, lime juice, garlic together in a tupperware
season both sides of breasts with salt and pepper
submerge chicken into marinade and place in refrigerator for 2 hours
preheat oven to 450
1 tsp olive oil in bottom of small baking dish
place chicken in dish, bake for 20-30 min
until no longer pink inside and juices run clear

part 3
pesto baked tomatoes

2 large ripe tomatoes
store bought or homemade pesto
garlic powder
parmesan cheese
gluten free bread crumbs

how to:
slice tomatoes in half, remove stems
salt, pepper and garlic powder the flesh
add 1 tsp pesto on top
a little parmesan and some breadcrumbs

bake at 350 for 15 minutes
then broil for 2-3 minutes
until golden on top