Beef and Quinoa Stoop

not quite thick enough to be a stew,
not quite thin enough to be a soup.

I currently have bronchitis 
and really just want a big bowl of

What better then this protein packed

you will need:

stewing beef (I bought 2 packs, around $8 worth)
3 stalks celery thin sliced
 1/4 bag of matchstick carrots (just easier and fast when your sick)
1 small sweet potato diced (approx same amount as celery)
1 small turnip diced
2 cloves garlic chopped
2 containers of beef broth (1.5L)
1/4 cup dried quinoa
frozen peas (if you like)
a large glug of red wine from your fridge (HA!)

roll and tie together with cotton string:
3 sprigs parsley (stole some from my bunny Flopsie. Shes cool)
4 sprigs fresh thyme
3 bay leaves (dried)

how to:

In a large pot
add some olive oil or red palm oil
add onion, cook for a min or 2 on med high heat
then add beef, it should make quite a sizzling sound
you want that, trust me
dont touch it at first, let it sear 
thats flavor my friends!
add s&p
cook beef for approx 5 min
then add all veggies except carrots(if using matchstick, dont want them mushy)
cook veggies with beef for approx 4-5 min
then add quinoa
stir quick so quinoa is mixed around with beef and veg
then add broth
and your bunch of herbs

bring to a boil
then simmer for 17 min 
until quinoa is done and veggies are cooked thru
last 2 min add frozen peas


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